Barney Stinson

Featured Barney Stinson Clip! Season 5, Episode 18 – “Say Cheese”

Barney Can’t Take a Bad Picture. In this fifth season episode, Robin notices that Barney’s pose is exactly the same in all of his pictures. He say’s that god has made it so he physically can’t take a bade picture. Robin tries to catch Barney in a bad pose, but she can’t quite do it. 

Barney Stinson is the outspoken, energetic bachelor from the television show, How I Met Your Mother. Barney is constantly looking to party and scour New York City for nonstop adventures, which constantly place him in the funniest and most comical situations. He is known for his one-liners like, “Suit Up!” and “Legen – wait for it – dary!”

Barney is known as a notorious player to most women that have had encounters with him, and he hardly takes even a moment to care about anyone. His friends Ted Mosby, Robin Scherbatsky, Marshall Eriksen, and Lily Aldrin mean a lot to him, though he would never admit to caring that much. He regularly gets his friends into sticky situations, leaving them angry at him, though they can never stay mad for too long.

He often means well but ends up looking like a shallow, selfish individual. His drink of choice is scotch, straight-up, and he enjoys a fine cigar when he can slow down long enough to savor it. He doesn’t knowhe’s looking for love to fill an emptiness in his life until he finds it.

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